From the Coventry Farmers Market Newsletter, February 10, 2011
"The Topmost Herb Farm greenhouse laid to waste last week by snow and ice. Around the state over 300 farm buildings have been lost, but this is our vendor, and this greenhouse isnít insured. Its loss jeopardizes the future of Topmost.

In the balance hangs another small farmÖ one we count on for fresh herbs grown without chemicals and the best variety of sturdy, healthy heirloom tomato plants anywhere. If we move swiftly, we could raise the funds needed to rebuild the greenhouse this spring. Imagine: a May Day Party at Topmost complete with a maypole dance, potluck on the lawn, and greenhouse-raising."

The construction team took 3 days to replace the basic structure. Next step was electricity, and then heating contractors. In the meantime, some plants were germinated under lights in the house basement and moved out to the new structure in early April. The neighbors say it makes them smile to see it born again, and Topmost is thrilled and humbled by the generous support of a caring community.


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Topmost Herb Farm, 244 North School Road, Coventry, CT, 06238
phone: 860.742.8239  email: carole@topmostherbfarm.com

"Grow the Greenhouse" Benefit Auction
The auction was an amazing success, raising enough money to rebuild.

Friends Help
On February 12th, a crew of 30 people dismantled the collapsed greenhouse, salvaging as much as possible.